My story

My mum tore apart my family when I was 9 and decided to run off with her new boyfriend and made us join her. Since then she has claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds off my dad. at 9. I really didn't know what was going on and so did my borthers and sisters. However the "child support" money of £800 a week wasn't even given to us For looking after us. instead she blew the money on her boyfriend and herself. As i was one of many I was fortunate enough to talk to my brothers and sisters about my mums state. As soon as she left my dad she started dnking. I remember November of year 5, being so depressed. I didnt want to go home. As her drinking spiralled out of control her boyfried who actually tried to stop her unfortuantly died. 

So there we are, a mum with several kids, no job and all the money in the world. Everything just went diwn hill from here. She got drunk nearly every day of the week, we had to tell the school we didnt want to be involved infootball  or rugby teams because my mum wouldnt be sober enough to drive us to the games, as the years went by and it was more apparent she was drinking more, Istarted to blamee myself. In year 8/9 she used to send me really demeaning messages that made me so depressed. My dad tried court several times and failed to get us back because she use to put in an act when social services, teachers interveined. The school i was attending had no clue abut what was happening until we started turning up with dirty uniforms, holes in shoes from the lack of care my mum gave to us. 

She use to cook her friends expensive meals and fed us nothing After school, we lived off cereal at one point. In year 10 my dads court case finally succedded and we got to move back to his, however being in GcSe's I had to stay. I started smoking drugs and drinking heavily, when my mum wasnt at the house i use to thrw parties and get high all the time. During school days id find her slumped over the table, oassed out in the toilet snoring. It was horrible. I was threatnd with expelstion from school for not turning up to rugby fixutres. I was called into the headmasters office and he told me himslef, but how to i say that my mum was to drunk to take me to games? The emmabarssment p, and the repurcussins of every teacher at school knwing that. Horrible. 

As I finished my GCSEs I moved back into my dads house, and over the past 3 years Ive had to deak with my visting her and my friends seing how bad she gets. She recently won a court case and is on an even bigger pay cheque from my dad, it breaks my heart to see she has become such a mess, i cant even communicate with the women she makes me to angry, depressed. I struggle to maintain relationships and cut myself off so much from friends and family. 

Ive just written this as Ive started thinking about it and cant get back to sleep, i listen to music as my escape from reality, I hate feeling like this.