A Poem for my Alcoholic Dad

Dear Daddy,

As I'm sitting, starting to cry,

You drink the night away, with your time tiking by,

I go downstairs, for some for water,

You're lie there passed out, in front of you daughter, 

You feel no guilt, shame or wrong,

And I feel bad, but I act strong,

You make my life difficult,

You make my life hard,

You just can't see how much you've scared,

I want to love you,

But I feel I can't,

Because you've hurt us all on a druken rant,

When you're sober,

You can't understand,

Why we feel awkward when you're around,

We fight, we shout, we scream,

And I cry,

You need to stop this,

Or you'll have no-one to stand by.