Alcoholic Father

Hi all, I just found this site after finally reading articles about kids who have alcoholic parents. My father has been drinking for as long as i can remember, its gotten worse over the years and my anger towards him has only been growing. Im 18 now and since ive been a teenager ive yelled at him and todl him how bad a father he is, my mother has yelled at him to and threatened to divorce him but nothing changes. We recently lost our house to forclosure and are now renting a house. He has lost job after job the past few years and im not sure if he will get another one as he is currently out of work and we are running out of money to live on. He gets drunk every day without fail, he sits in his chair with his stupid drunk face and plays around on his phone until he passes out and then this repeats,day after day after day. I was hoping to be in the military by now but i have avoided math and could not get a high enough score on the entry test, I have been studying for it though. Im just so lost and I dont know what to do, i want to move out so bad but my job right now will make it hard to live if i do, i have so much anger and frustration inside and i cant stand seeing my father, he loves his booze more than me or my family. I guess im just looking for people to commiserate with or just some advice, im tired of trying to figure this out myself, my friends listen but they dont know what its like. Sorry if this is confusing i just need to get it out.