Another new member

Hi all,


I'm "S" and I've just started to look for online support and basically any info I can get on dealing with an addicted parent. My mother has had an alcohol problem for abouty 15-20 years. I'm 30, by the way. She had been doing well for a while and then hurricane Sandy hit. Her home was severely effected and her business was desimated. I was scared she'd fall back into a depressed state with the drinking. She hadn't though! I was amazed. Instead, she seemed to be doing better than ever, and productive. 

I learned last week that she's been doing coke almost every weekend since.  I have found a great psychologist for her and they have their first appointment next week. He had been my psychologist, once upon a time. I'[m just glad she's willing to go. Despite reaching out for help, she's not willing to do NA yet. She's never been to an AA meeting either.

Anyway, that's my story. We'll see ehow it goes...

Times like this I'm glad my mom had two miscarraiges after me. I wouldn't want to love and need to care efor younger siblings with a mom like mom.