Being a leader.

 Being an older sister is a responsibility, especially when you have an addict dad and a handicapped mom. I know that I'm not his parent (and I definately have control issues), but I worry so much about him. I am so much like him, and used to do all the stupid stunts he does, and the only times I tell him what to do is when he wants to pull off something dangerous. One time, a month after my mom got home from the accident that handicapped her, we went skiing with some friends. Our friends new how to skii, my brother not so much, He went down a tripple black surrounded by trees!! He fell, flipped in the air three times, lost his skiis, and landed inches away from a tree. One of the people he went down with said they did not expect him to be able to walk away from that.... Hes mad at me for being bossy.  But if I don't look out for him who will?