Compassion is very important, the son of an alcoholic mother.

Standing by my mum no matter what!

My mum was a pioneer up to the age of 52 which is an irish term for abstaining from alcohol completely. I am sure that her father being an acoholic played a part in her decision. I had a very happy childhood, well up to the age of 15 then my world was turned upside down.

My mother is a devoted chatholic and goes to church every sunday, she also loved to go running and completed several marathons.

In october 2005 after mass she went for a run down a country lane near the family home, she was attacked and  throttled with a cord and dragged into the woodlands, fortunately my mum managed to fight her attacker off.

This is were the drinking started day after day the hiding of bottles, the self denial, the begging asking her to stop drinking and seek counsilling, the years of looking for bottles around the house, picking her off the floor, finding her unconscious in the bath tub, popping pills out her mouth, calling ambulances, starting her on antiabuse medication then taking her to AA meeting every week. This went on for 10 years i am now 26 and its still going on.

But for all of my mums faults and the endless hurt she has put me through i would not change her for the world, because acholism is a disease not a choice, i remeber my mum before she started drinking and whilst she is sober and thats my real mum. 

While i read many discussions on this site about how i hate my mum or dad for what they have put me through i personally think its to easy to hate and it takes more courage to turn that hatred into compassion because you only have one mother and father and i am sure that if they had the choice they would never have put alcohol to there lips if they could turn back time.

I hope this helps,