Hiya my name is abbey and i would like to share my story, with people.

so about a moth ago my stepdad my mums husband of 14 years wlaked out and left my mum and me amnd my two sisters. Then a few days later my mum lost her job, we found it really hard for money and things like that, as my step dad didnt help us out and we were reciving from food parcels.

My mum hit rock bottom, it was so hard for me and my sisters to sit there day in and day out watching our mum cry and listening to her say that she is struggiling and feels as if she cant provide for her own children. My mum then allowed her friends to give her alchool wich sometimes made her happy and forget about everything, but then sometimes it baught out the worst in her which was terrifying for me and my sisters seeing my mum in that way she took up drinking for about a month wich wasnt good and now me and my sisters are not aloud to see our mum for the minimum of 2 months, wich is hard considering the fact our dad walked out.

my mums drinking got really bad she was drinking from 12am to 3am in the morning even on weekdays it was sad to see our mum in that way.