Fragile + drunken ogre


She can smile sweetly,

She'll have everybody fooled,

Behind her masquerade,

A plethora of secrets,

Waiting to be unearthed,

Behind her masquerade,

She's fragile and insecure,

She's the broken one,

She's the lonely one,

She can smile sweetly,

She can have everybody fooled,

Remove her masquerade,

Interrupt her perfect performance,

And you'll discover....

She's torn up and fragile inside.



Drunken Ogre


From his lair he emerges,

To the fridge he creeps,

To find the alcohol which he seeks,

The poison he sips,

He transforms,

His face it twists,

With each sip,

My heart it sinks,

The ogre my dad is here again,

Back to his lair he goes,

Television blaring out loud,

Now to just wait till my dad the ogre passes out,

Morning will come, off to work he'll go,

Till the night does but come,

The drunken ogre he returns.