Hello COAP

Hi COAP! I hope everyone here is well. 

Technically I haven't just joined but I haven't been around for sometime so it was appropriate to start here.

For those who don't know me I've been a mentor at COAP for around 3 years (ish), although I took around a year out for work/life stuff and what a 12 months it's been... an operation, holiday (that I was nearly too sick to go on), broken wrist 2 days before xmas, 2 job interviews, 2 new jobs, finished my qualification and then a suprise 3rd baby coming later this year! Plus all the usual family life stuff inbetween.

A little about me.. I'm 28, father of 2 little girls, worked with children services for 7 years in childrens homes but recently have joined Barnardos substance misuse team. My mother is a recovered alcoholic, I've supported her since I was around 12, my youngest brother was in foster care for but returned home since my mums recovery. 

I've spent my evening reading up on recent posts and the wonderful replies from the COAP community, it's great to see some names I recognise and lots of new ones too! The new job has freed up my evenings so I'll be popping on a few nights a week.

It feels great to be back :)