Hi everyone,


i'm not sure if I am supposed to be on this forum as it isn't exactly my birth parent with alcoholism. It's my boyfriends' mum, but she feels like a second Mum to me - we're very close, but only on two occasions have we ever spoken about her addictions. Both of those times I believe she was drunk and possibly doesn't remember. I feel quite helpless. I knew from the very start she was an alcoholic. My boyfriend told me very early in our relationship that she was, on and off drinking. In fact when I met him she was supposed to be "sober" but my bf surprised her one weekend from uni and she was drunk. Heartbreaking. I believe the family have tried lots - AA, counselling etc. but nothing has worked. The last time I spoke to her about her drinking she said she didn't care that she was killing herself. My bf lives abroad and I haven't told him how low she is at the moment. I live away from her but we're in touch quite a bit and I visit her every now and again. I know the dangers of drinking every day and I'm terrified that she is actually going to kill herself. Her drinking has been normalised in their household. I don't judge them for it but I find it quite disturbing. My bf doesn't like talking about it. The last time we did I said how worried I was about her and he said that I was "only worried now because I am seeing more of it". That's probably true, but it doesn't make it ok. My fresh eyes should be a wake up call for everyone - we need to talk about it more, with her, openly. It's almost a joke in their household. I don't know what to do because I don't want to cross the line with their family. I don't want her to push me away because I really, really will do anything to help her. I'm not even sure what I will gain from posting this, or being in this forum. I don't know where else to turn.