Hi there:)

Hey :) it seems like no-one has used this forum in a while, I guess everyone's taking a break over Christmas :) 

I've joined to find some people who I can talk to, as I'm very alone where I am right now... My mum's bee drinking since before I can remember, and up until 2 years ago was sober for 3 years. It was amazing, to have my mum there for me, until she decided she could handle a 'social drink'. Things have gone downhill since there, and honestly I hit my all time low a few days ago when she kicked me out (again) for pointing out that "mother, shouldn't you take a rest? You drank a lot last night...". I'm back home (unfortunately), and it's not a nice place to be. Christmas was horrific, painful and dragged, and I'm praying for 8 months time when I can finally move out and cut myself off from my mother. 

I know it sounds horrific of me, I mean, I appreciate everything she's done for me. People constantly point out that she's provided for me, worked for me, and got me where I am, and yes, it's true, I've never gone a day hungry, but surely the emotional side of everything means I'm justified? The guilt is wrecking me almost as much as she is, but to be honest I feel so separate to my family nowadays that I guess it doesn't really matter. 

I hope some of you are around to chat! :)