Hopefully this helps me cope

Hi, I'm new to COAP and hope that this site helps me cope with my mom's alcoholism. All of the programs in the US are only for kids who have the ability to travel to meetings, and don't offer a truly anonymous community. I love my mom, despite her addiction, but it's hard when I try to help but she just starts yelling at me. Or when she promises to limit her drinking, or try to follow a plan we set up, then ends up breaking it.

It used to be brandy, and she stopped for a few months after she came home drunk on my birthday and we had an intervention. I thought she was better, but then when I cleaned the house I found over 21 bottles of 50% whiskey in her room. With college applications, AP courses, along with extracarriculers, and of course relationships with my sister and my friends, I can't find time to talk to anyone. Public school counselors can only do so much.

Anyway, I'm just looking for a community that can sympathize with my own experiences and make me feel a little less anxious and insecure about my sistuation. Just as a warning though, I probably won't understand any references to events happening in the UK--except with Sherlock, Merlin (It'll come back eventually ;<), or Doctor Who (though I am a bigger fan of the first two). I alos love watching letsplayers on youtube as well as Good Mythical Morning!

I hope to connect with other people in the community soon!