I'm new to this and need help

When I was 7, my mum had to have an operation on here back. This meant that she was put on alot of tablets to help the pain. After 10 years and 4 operations, she has been getting off the drugs with the doctor's help but shes addicted. Its horrible to see her going through the withdrawal. She doesnt understand and I feel like im the only one that understands what is happening. She snaps at me and says things that she probably doesnt mean but it still hurts. I hide my feelings and pretend that nothing bothers me but nobody sees that I cry ever night. It feels like my mum has the problem so is the only one that needs help, but im drowning and nobody seems to notice. Im new to getting help and stuff but it is nice to get the anger and pain, that has been eating me up insid, out into the open.