My dad is a heroin addict.

I'm Hannah and I'm 15, I have never wrote to people about any of his before so I'm happy I finally feel comfortable to do so. Around two years ago I found Cocain in my dads draw, since then I was suspicious I was looking for the signs, he was always really moody with us at home we could never say or do the right things, he was a good dad but often made me, my mum and two brothers very sad. Him and my oldest brother used to fight a lot, which tend to end in vioience and I had to witness a lot of it oje time my mum had to ring the police it got that bad,both my brothers left home very Young because they couldn't cope with the enviroment my oldest brother left home at 17 and the other at 15, so I was left without any of the, to comfort me, i later found out it wasn't just cocain my dad was doing it was heroin, crack etc. it hurt me so much to watch him crumble beneath my eyes, infelt so hopeless and alls I want is to be able to help him but I cant!! Everyone else has nearly give up on him but I never could, I wouldn't want him to feel as alone as I have felt for as long as I can remember. My situation at home as made me really angry and I now suffer with really bad anxiety and minor depression, I always have a terrible feeling that something Bad is going to happen. my dad has left home now so it is just me and my mum, seeing my dad pack his things and take the, away was the hardest thing in the world, my mum suffers with depression also. for such a long time even before my dad was on drugs ive felt so alone and I'm so happy I found this site. Everything will sort its self out in the end, I have been a lot happier since I started seeing my counsellor about a year ago, I just hope my dad gets better, it's all I want.  here for anyone who needs to talk xx