My mums drug addiction

Hiya, just a quick story on my mums drug addiction and how it affected me and my sisters!

So from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed, our mum would be smoking a spliff. It was hard to sit there and watch your mum smoke so much cannabis. Roughly every week she would spend around 40-60 pound son this drug wich ment, our friends always had better clothes and shoes than us wich sometimes ment we got bullied over wjat we wore amd how we looked. We begged our mum to try and quit her addiction she tried and she couldnt do it.

Now we are involved with social care one of my sisters who is only 12 is living with foster parents my other sister who is 9 is living with her dads parents and im living with my mums parents. 

This is until my mum can be drink and drug free wich could take a long while, we are not aloud to see or mum either. so our dad walked out on us a few months ago and now we cant see our mum me and my sisters are finding it really hard. We miss our mum greatly.

So we are finding it hard to enjoy are summe holidays and do the things we would normally due to social care being on our backs. We really want some advice on how we can still enjoy ourselves with out being watched 24/7 . So anyone who may of gone through the same thing advice would be very much appreciated!EmbarassedSurprised