New guy saying hello and peace to all :)

Hi guys , just joined and thought id say hello , hope all are well :) 

So I'm onto my second marriage , and same issues are arising , luckily my new wife is a superstar angel and suggested I talk to someone as I react to situations badly and don't deal with certain issues the best .

 I met up with a counsellor who identified all these issues I have due to my childhood , two alcoholic parents and also being adopted. Amazing after all these years you have an answer to why you react to certain situations or isolate yourself or feel depressed all the rest ..... 

 Childhood trauma is terrible and not one of us deserved it , but only us can learn to live with it and try and live a positive life . It's taken me 34 years and  a wonderful person( my wife )  for me to realise why I felt so different . 


Hopefully this his forum can help younger people , especially teenagers , to realise they are very special beautiful people who deserve to be happy .

 D :)