New here and stressed to the max!

Hey all, 

I'm 22 and my mother has been an alcoholic for roughly 15 years. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little girl. I was living in my own house before I fell pregnant but I had to leave as her father left and left me unable to afford to live there so i had no choice but to move to my mothers. She promised and promised she would at least cut back but she has done nothing but get worse though this pregnancy. She has moved from wine to vodka and when she doesn't have vodka she will drink two bottles of wine every single night. She will not go a day without getting drunk. I am now considered full term meaning I could go into labour any day, she was supposed to be my birthing partner but I have told her I do not want her there and I will do it alone. I just can't rely on her to be sober and I refuse to go to the hospital with a drunk and be judged based upon her state! she has run up massive debts through her drinking and only 3 weeks a go we were going to have bailiffs come and take away our washing machine and fridge ect just a few weeks before my baby was due! My grandfather who is 72 has to pay off the £2,000 debt to stop this from happening. She is tearing our family to shreds and I simply don't know what to do, i feel stuck. Emotionally i feel bound to her because I love her and I don't know its hard to explain, I feel I have to keep forgiving her and giving her more chances but she is killing me slowly. I just don't know what to do. I refuse to let her infect my daughter with her posinous ways.