Trapped on what to do.

Hi everyone.

I'm not sure on how to explain this the best way I can, but ill explain it as if I'm talking to you...

Ok, mums been drinking for a while now and starting to sell drugs. but while she is doing all this, she is forgetting to look after herself. I'm still trying hard to look after mum and my younger sister.

Mums lost lots of weight, she is really thin. I've only began to notice these past few weeks. so I've beeen worried, and trying to help her eat and ask her if she wants anything. mum hasn't eaten for about 3 days now. I try and say to her, could yu go to a friends house and see if she can have something there, but she won't. then mums saying she hasn't got money for food,drinks and all that. that's why she won't eat anything. But I'm confused, why can she go and drink a lot and get in volved in drugs, but not afford to buy some food? does that sound wierd to be confused about? 

But because mum isn't eating anything, and isn't buying anything for the house, its left me in a hard situation. As because mum is saying she has no money, I feel bad asking for money to go and get something to eat. but really I know mum has got money, she just isn't being ok with what's important. its just the consequences of asking for money what I'm finding hard.


School have been abit wierd aswell, the head of year is making me see the school nurse on tuesday to get weighed and have a chat. I don't mind having a chat, its just getting weighed bit, everyones saying I've lost weight as well as my mum, but I can't see it. I'm worried about it. the head of year hs been asking me if everythings ok and questions about what I eat in a day. I can't understand why she is worried.

I've mentioned this aswell in another post what I'm going to put now, but I'm trying my hardest to act ok in school, show everyone that things are ok. but its not working I don't think. I don't understand why people are beggining to tell?


I feel trapped on what I'm going to do,  I feel really alone in this. I'm also embarassed of putting this on the message board. I have got a sam councellor who is great at understanding, but I'm embarassed as sam knows a lot of wats going on, but its an embarassing thing to talk about. what do I do? Has anyone else been in the same situation?

Thanks Heather xx