Alcoholic Mum


I'm 16 and i'm studying for my GCSE'S which is hard enough in it's self but I have an alcoholic mother and a father who doesn't get involved with the family.

My mother has been drinking since me, my brother and my sister were little and because my father was never really there I was left with the task of essentially becoming a second mother to my little brother and sister. My mum would drink about two bottles of wine a night and she would become verbally abusive to me and my siblings (on one occasion she tried to break the door down into my room) so I would have to take them upstairs and put them to bed. I started to become depressed and by the age of twelve I tried to commit suicide. Afterwards I had counselling and my mum stopped drinking but once the counselling stopped she started again.

She carried on drinking heavily which helped to once again deterorate my mental health and with the pressures of important exams that were happening I tried to commit suicide again last year. I had more counselling for about 11 months in which time my mum stopped drinking but after the sessions stopped in December she started again which makes me really angry because she knows what it does to the rest of the family but she carries on regardless.

I've talked to the matron at my school about my mum and she said that I could find some support on here?