erm..i don't know how to explain this


ever since i was little my mum drank, she wasn't abbussive or anything, but it just really upset me, she binge drinks by herself in the house, the other day she got to the point of throwing up in my room. My mum & dad are divorced, me & my older brothers have told her 100000 of times how we felt,but nothng ever changed, she said to me that shes not an alcoholic, also she was like "oh its only one or twice a week" shes in her mid fiftys and its really not healthy for her at all. its been really difficult for me because sometimes its difficult to talk to her, I'm 15 and well i only just came out to my mum for being a lesbian, but i have known this since i was like 12. I've been getting really stressed recently, with gcse's & stuff, but oh well i dunno, i havent got a good relationship with my dad, he was in prison for like 4 yrs when i was like 10 for drugs & stuff, bu he stll treats me like a lil girl, its really hard, my brothers dont live with me because they are at uni and have a house, they're also upset about it, because they have been in the same situation as me, i dont' know what to do,my mums planning to move away but i really dont want to, my whole life is here, but apprantly we have to move, but im trying to find any way to stay here.