Hello To You All


I came across this site via the Yahoo news section and joined straight away. I am in my fifties now. My late wife was an alcoholic and hid it for years from our son and me. When I eventually realised I tried to cope and help her while keeping my family together. It was a nightmare for several years and nearly destroyed us all. In the end I could not protect my son from her and support her at the same time. She went to live with a succession of alcoholic boyfriends and was dead within a year. My son was 17 when she died and it has been a slow process for us to talk about it. He's 26 now, successful and a non-drinker. The hard lesson that I learned was that while I thought I was protecting him during those terrible times before she left, he was in fact protecting me. I was supposed to be parenting him but he was parenting me. That broke my heart and still does to this day.


God bless you all and I leave you with just one message. You are young people who should enjoy being young. It is not your job to parent your parents.