i just joined to find out how to stop feeling like this

im21 years old and the "son" of perents who are both drug addicts,im here because the services ive found for people in my area are annoyingly vauge and scattered,and i just want to talk tosome1 who knows how i feel,most people my age who havent expearicned this prblem are just the complte oppisite people you want to be around trust me,me mums an alcoholic and dad various drugs,but they havent looked after me twas my nan who i live with,my mum blames me for the reson she is like the way she is,and she just came out of prison 2 days ago and into my life cuz she vists my nan,usaly to ponce,and i just want her gone,dead in prison,rocket to the moon lol i dont care,am i a bad person for thinking that?


if anyone does bother to read this and post a comment can they list some support groups or anomous programs for young people please,thers nothing i can find,i live in south london,its just all my friends are in as they call the hunnymoon phase with drugs,and have no clue at all bout the sxxt ive seen and the pain ive suffered knowin im the last thing there care about,stealing of me,i fxxxing hate the pair of them so much it kills.and i just wanna talk not type how i feel to some1 who knows firsthand not a doc or a counsilor,some one who knows,ive never done that

thanks for reading


forgive the spelling had a tiring day