I need help! PLEASE.

Hi. I would like to remain annonomus. I am a 14 year old girl who has had to deal with 2 drug addicted parents. They have taken heroin since their late teens. I love them but its a different kind of love. They both have split and got other partners. My mum is in prison serving 2 years for smuggling drugs into her boyfriend. She had my little brother 2 years ago but he was put in care. Me and my 11 year old sister live with my nan. !We love our nan to bits! She is our mum. But she finds it hard to coap? I need help on how to write and letter to my mum. Everytime i speak to my dad about it i cry? Im not close to my mum, She annoys me when she talks about herself? She says things and dosent mean them. So i dont have much of a bond/trust. My dad as far as i know no longer or is trying to stop taking heroin? I need my dad to hav faith in me and do a double figure role to support me? I dont want to hurt my mums feelings but its how i feel?

If anyone has any ideas that would help me it would be very apprecitated, Thats from the bottom of my heartKiss XXXXXXX