I'd like to introduce... myself!

Hi to everyone here at COAP... (takes deep breathe) I'm rubbish at this stuff but here I go.

My names Kermit, or Kermy for short, odd I know but it's a nickname from college that's stuck. I'm a 26 years years old and like lots of you here have grown up with a parent that abused alcohol. I wanted to come here and share my story, hopefully give some help and advice from my experiance or just be someone to listen too.

So here's the short version of my story.

My parents split up and divorced when I was 11, I was the eldest of 3, have a younger brother and sister who were 9 and 7 at the time. It was at this time that it started to become clear that my mum had drink problem. As my parents divorce dragged out my mum's drinking became worse. I found myself being the parent when staying at my mums. When things went bad I was the responsible one who had to round up my brother and sister, try to hide them from my mum and call for help (this was usually my dad). This was also around the time that I started high school. Over the next 12-18 months my mum was admitted to alcohol restbite/help units and spent a period of time there on each visit. This seemed to help things but was a very scary experiance when going to visit her. As the years went on my mums constant drink problem became more of a binge habit when things got tough for her, and as I grew older and more used to it I became a bigger part in my mums life. Trying to help like many of you do by searching the house for alcohol, tipping it away (but I never tried the water trick). My mum would, at times becomce quite violent when I confronted her while drunk, especially if she saw me getting rid of alcohol or searching for it, and this is the complete opposite of the person my mum is when sober.

At 14 my mum had got her life back on track, had a new partner and I also had a new baby brother. Her drinking had calmed an awful lot, there were periods over around a week where she would binge, but as a family we managed to cope with this and develop stratagies to help each other out. As the next few years went on I was able to start having a good social life, had a few girlfiends, went on nights out with friends and my life seemed pretty good.

At 19 it came out that my mums partner had been having an affair and left her, this completely destroyed my mum. Along with when my parents split this was the worst I'd seen my mum drinking. Despite all we tried to stop her from drinking she always found a way, wether it was stealing bank cards, money from wallets or borrowing from friends. She would drink items like aftershave and cleanser as they contain alcohol. Due to my youngest brother being in the household (he was 5 at the time) social services quickly became involved and I moved out with him to a relatives.