my mum and alcohol

Hey there, Im new to this site so I'm not really sure what to write but here we go...


My mum's an alcoholic and i have only started to realise this in the past few years as i am currently 14. It all started when her grandfather got cancer and sadly died because of it a year later. During that time her drinking was 'ok' but she still would drink alot. However, since he passed away, my mum has been drinking a bottle of wine each night pretty much every day of the week. It has really affected my dad, myself and my sister as we can't put up with it any more! She normally starts drinking about 4pm or 5pm when she gets the dinner on and never stops until she goes to bed.

Please, if you have a similar situation or would like to talk then feel free to reply and we can chat or share problems :) Thank you for listening:) means a lot:)