hi guys im new

Hi ya guys, I have grown up with drug addicted parents since I can remember it started with cannabis then went onto pills etc party drugs then to cocaine, this ended up being there drug of choice and was a daily addiction and it quickly spiralled out of control to crack cocaine, as a family it was extremely tough me and my sister felt alone we felt like we could not tell family members and friends for the fear of being judged and we didnt want our parents to loose even more than they already had.

My parents also had alcohol dependency issues wich I guess goes hand in hand with the drugs realy.

It is a hard thing to always worry about your parents when it should be the othe r way around, to live in a house with empty cupboards and no hot water or heating, for them to be asking you for money all the time and be surrounded by fights and crying, my parents are now on the straight and narrow and have been drug free for over 2 years but if anyone would like to talk I would like to help as I understand how lonely it can be to go through something like this alone and to not want to talk to friends as you fear you and your family may be judged my sister helped keep me strong but I know others out there dont have siblings just know that you are not alone !!!