My Dads an Alcoholic and a drug user.


Im 16 nearly 17 and i am really suffering at home with an alcholic and drug user dad. I HATE coming home and often stay around my boyfriends or mates houses. I have been told other people suffer with the same thing i do and to post and see what other people say. My dad has threated to punch me kill me ect... And it can be really scary sometimes because you never know what mood hes going to be in. When i am at home i just stay in my room because that is the only place i actually feel safe.

I hate brining people around my house because if my dads sober hes drugged up and if hes not drugged hes drunk. It has got way out of hand now and i would really like to talk to people about how i can feel safer and happier. I have been to the doctors and they think i have depression, which has effected me more as i am only a 16 year old i should be happy and going to partys.

I really hope other people share there storys or give me advice.