new to this , moms an alcoholic

I'm new to this and I have never spoke about my mom to anyone as I don't feel like I can. I'm 19 and my dad died 6 years ago, ever since then my mom has been an alcoholic, on a good day she will drink around 1 and a half bottles of wine, however most days she will drink around 3 bottles. I came home to her last night to find her lying on the sofa covered in her own sick. I thought that she had died and it was a real turning point for me, I have asked her many times to get help and recognise she has a problem for the sake of my nieces and nephew (her grandchilden), but she refuses to admit that she has a problem. 

I don't know how to go about getting her help, or even support for myself as it has completely changed my life and I am not coping with it very well at all. It is like I lost both of my parents the day I lost my dad, and I would do anything to have my mom back.