What now?

Hi everyone,

By now I see that my story is not that unique. Alcoholics wreak havic on the lives of those closest to them. I will share my story with you and then I hope you can share with me ways that have helped you heal and move past this mess that you didn't create and build a better life. I'm really sad and need some encouragement.

Here goes:

My dad was an alcoholic most of my life and abusive toward my mom and brother. He would barge into my brother's room in the middle of the night to beat him up, and my brother said when he was little he actually tried to hang him. My mom was abused as well but she was very cold and angry understandably but she made life for my sister really tough. My parents put really tough restrictions on her and demands that she had a mental breakdown as a result and is not the same person nor will she ever be. While in college my dad stopped working and left me to figure out how to keep the house afloat. I moved away and they refused to accept thier own financially responsibility and that I could not help them financially I didn't know how to escape them that it led me to attempting suicide. I went to counseling and escaped them for the final time but now I don't want anything to do with them. None of them my mom was super mean to me when I couldn't help them anymore, my sister the same, and I don't want that in my life I wish I left a long time ago. Now I'm lonely my depression and suicide attempt removed me from many of my friends and my mom restricted my friendships. It feels really lonely and unfair that I be the one without a family when I didn't cause this mess. How do I get past this?

Thank you :)