Hi, I'm new here...

Hi Everyone, I stumbled across this site whilst trying to find some support for myself as I am the daughter of a drug addict. Last year my father signed himself up for a rehab programme (not a residential one like I have seen when researching online) he goes to a group 3 days a week and has group or one to one meetings. Within the last year or 10 months that he has been going he has had some good runs of being clear but recently he has relapsed and I have got to the point where I dont know how I am meant to speak/behave/say to him anymore as nothing seems to get through to him.

My dad and I get on really well when he isnt under the influence of drugs but when he is; he is a completely different person and I cannot stand him. I am in a position where I could say 'get out my house' but I havent got the heart and I worry enough when he is in the house let alone if I kicked him out. I just feel like I have run out of things to do/say to try and help him and there is no point speaking to him when he is under the influence because he is so selfish and out of it, it is like talking to a brick wall. I have never told anyone about this (not even those closest to me) so I am finding it quite hard to explain the situation I am facing but I am hoping I will find some advice and answers on here.