Can someone please help me

Im new, i stumbled across this forum while reading an article about alcoholic parents. 

Basically, Im from South East England and I am 17 and live with just my mum, dad and boyfriend. I came here because im struggling coping with my mum's addiction to alcohol. I have older parents as i was conceived when they were a bit older than normal parents. My mum has a serious problem with alcohol and she has done her whole life. She drinks spirits everyday, and not even in proper measurements, she will fill a full glass and add a drop of coke to make it look less strong, but me and my dad know is just vodka. 

She used to drink whiskey but it made her really aggressive so my dad stopped her, so now she just drinks vodka and other drinks. She gets drunk every day, to the point where she slurs and can't even stand up straight. She gets really angry and argumentative. I feel like she hates me because when she's been drinking she takes it out on me! she basically blames me for all the problems in the family and she shouts t me for no reason. Im her only child but she makes my life a misery. 

my boyfriend lives with us and he is supportive but he hates her drinking just as much as me. His family have started to notice my mums drinking and they keep making comments, i am so embarrassed and ashamed. I love my mum but i hate her for being like this! I hate it when people say mean things about her but its always true! 


I just don't know what to do (text removed by moderator)!