Two drug addict parents and a lifetime of hell

So I've just joined and thought I would share my story.


Ever since I was 4 years old, both my parents have been drug addicts. I am now nearly 24 and I still can't seem to move on with my life.


My childhood was just hell. They put the drugs first almost every time. It was just me, them, and my younger brother. They didnt send us to school, they moved us to a different home over 10 times. Drugs even came before food sometimes. I remember going through entire days with not a single thing to eat. We were isolated from the rest of the family through my parents lies. They told them we were being sent to school and even used that as a reason to get money from them.


Eventually when I was 6 years old, we had to move to a completely new city due to my father being on the run from the police. We stayed there for 2 and a half years before they eventually caught up with him. He was put in prison and we were sent back home with my mum.


By the age of 8 years old I had witnessed my parents injecting themselves with drugs, dealing drugs, buying drugs. I had known what true hunger and absolute poverty felt like. I had known what it was like to be homeless and have to sleep in a car.


When I was 9 years old, social services came to my home and took me and my brother away. We were given to my grandmother. I still remember that raw pain. As a child, I didn't any better. My mum and dad were the only mum and dad I knew so I didn;t understand what they had done wrong.


Anyway, my gran was now my guardian and we could only see our parents when we stayed with them at the weekends.


You would think at that stage, they would get help. They would fight for their children back. But they didn't. They continued taking drugs, that was priority.


When I turned 16, I decided to walk away from them for good. I loved them, they were still my parents, but I had to make a life for myself. It was never as easy as that though, they wouldn't just let me live my life. They caused so many problems. They would turn up at my door shouting, asking for money, blackmailing me. Theres so much more I could write but I could be here for weeks.


I stayed strong, stuck in at school, went to college, got a job. I'M now at university and will be entering my final year in the summer. I beat the odds basicallly.


4 months ago, my mum was found dead on his couch. Nothing in this world prepares you for that. Even though I always knew it was inevitable and that it was going to happen sooner rather than later, nothing prepares you for the pain. I never got to say goodbye. She seemed to have been getting her life back together and was with someone new. I always felt that it was my dad that got her into the drugs in the first place.


My dad text me last night, I havent seen him since the funeral. He said that how dare I not be looking after him, that he was a victim as he had lost everything including my mum and there was no one to support him. He called me a selfish little bxxxh and that it was now his plan to make my life hell. I cried for hours after that.

I have to live every day of my life living with his mistakes, he destoryed my childhood and has made the rest of my life very difficult, yet I'm the selfish one and he's the victim.


Sorry for such a long story.