Still unsure.

I'm still unsure. My dad is high functioning and bipolar. Sometimes I try to convince myself he doesn't have any addictions. I struggle a lot with feeling hurt. He says he loves me, but then keeps on doing it. He goes back and forth and it's reay confusing. My mom was in a coma a while back and was in the hospital for a month. the night she came home my dad locked himself in the upstairs bedroom and drank. He's not violent, I never feel threatened. Mostly it's like being abandoned. Like I said my mom was handicapped, and me and my twin had to be responsible for all the household chores and he got mad at us when we fell behind in school, and told us we were teenagers and should be able to take care of the house and make dinner. HE flakes under preassure and change. He is also very compulsive. When my twin broke a bone he took the vicodin that was meant for my twin. I recently found out he was high during my birth.  My twin and other younger sibling cant take the heat. The youngest doesnt even know half of it. I spent a good chunk of my early teens keeping the youngest (and their friends) away from my parents when they argued. So I have to take the heat, my older brother moved far away for college and told me "I can't be your dad, I'm your brother" so now its me. My dad just moved out. I had to sit my mom down and tell her to kick him out. It's been hard, and I feel like I just dramatized things too much, maybe I am wrong. I am so confused, and unsure.