New - My Story

Hi guys,


I've only just discovered this site and what a brilliant site it is. How great it would have been to have had an outlet like this during my childhood.

I am 29 years old and my father is an alcoholic.... we had a nice childhood until I was around 12/13 when he started to drink heavily, him and my mother split and we spent the next several years being forced to see him against our wishes and it took me until only 2 years ago when I was 27 to stop seeing him altogether.

Me, my brother and 2 sisters have witnessed a lot of things children shouldn't have to see but we have all come out the other side stronger and braver for it..... held hostage with a shotgun being a particularly interesting day to say the least!

For years and years I blamed myself for his alcoholism and also thought it was my responsibility to fix it and sober him up. But have now come to the realisation that we can attempt to help but the real decisions can only come from the addict. Most importantly, it is NEVER the child's fault, and it's ok to be scared.

I have children of my own now and I am teetotal as I have huge fear about becoming an alcoholic myself which I'm sure a lot of people will understand with alcoholic parents!

Sorry if I have waffled but I wanted to introduce myself and share some experiences that a lot of us may hav shared with addicted parents.

 Joe C