Not sure what else i can do..

Hi, i've just joined this and looking for some help. 

It was only recently that i finally accepted that my mum had an alcohol problem and not just that she occasionally had too much wine. I also discovered that a bottle of wine could not get a person that bad, but vodka could.

My mum has always been so caring and hardworking and still is when she's sober. In the last few months, it's been something that's been affecting the whole family a lot. I have a 20 year old brother and a 12 year old sister, i'm the middle child at 17.

I always wondered how my brother could be so horrible to my mum at times when we were a few years younger. However the whole time he knew about her problem, but being the 'too cool for feelings' kinda guy, he gave her attitude and distanced himself instead of speaking to her about it.

I've always been close with my mum, but in the past year or so we have drifted, one of the reasons is that i would often much rather be with my friends than having to repeatedly as my mum the same thing and get a different slurred answer each time. I think she got lonely, even my sister would sit in her own room as she didn't like being around her. 

But after many tears and arguments, especially between my mum and dad which worries me most, my mum is finally getting help. She's been attending meetings and sessions but i think because we are taking a less angry approach to her now she thinks it's okay. She has been really stressed at work recently and really hates her job, but i hate how she cant just talk about it with me instead of turning to the bottle. 

Just before writing this, i've had to give her water and send her to bed before my dad noticed, but she slurred at me saying how she thinks we all hate her and that my dad already knew which was why she didn't want to go to bed. I will never hate her, just this addiction she has  

I think you don't really understand issues like depression and alcohol until they affect you directly. I've offered to go to meetings with my mum but she says you aren't really supposed to go, which is why i turned to the wonder that is google and ended up here. Would appreciate any response, thanks to anyone for reading me vent on and on.