'he loves beer'

i dont know what to make of it all... recnetly mums been like makin the odd comments here or there about dad.... like tonight we were sitting downstairs and dad were like a in a different room and out of like literally no where mum just goes mid conversation 'he loves beer'.... she said in front of me sisters friends!!!! and i was just stood there like wanting the ground to swallow me up.... its like something we never ever talk about as a family and suddenly mums making these comments not just liek to me and me sister but like prety much in front of me sisters freinds!!!!!!!! then like the over night she made a comment how dad drinks like to much..... its like the one thing thats like been a big secret in our family mums now like suddenly like somewhat open about ...... and is makin these comments in front of me sisters friends..... like mums made the odd comment here or there in the past but not like this not like she is now...... its like its always sort of been there but like mums not like really ever admitted it..... till like now.... i dont liek the denial but i dont like this whole thing with mmum like being so open about it either!!!!!!!!