How it all started...

Hi,my names Mia.

I'm not really good with writing about my personal life and how i feel but i thought i'll give it a go. So my dad was an alcoholic, i'd say for about 5 year or more. He didn't really class himself as an 'alcoholic' but he was. Sadly he passed away 6 months ago, so in Janurary but it wasn't totally because of his addiction. I won't go into detail. But he did die because of his addiction and a natural cause.

This isn't going to be long because i dont really know what to say. But if you have experienced the same thing as i have just know that you're not alone and there is someone out there who you can talk to. Well what i'm trying to say is you're not alone and if you don't talk to someone even if you think that not talking to anyone is the best thing,trust me it isn't,you should always talk to someone e.g. your mum,brother,sister,friends,family or even the school. 

That's all i'm going to talk about today. I'm not really sure what happens next but bye xx