New to this - my alcoholic mum.

I feel almost guilty for writing this, like she's going to find out that I've gone anywhere else with my story. My mum has been drinking for as long as I can remember, but right now it's a particularly rough patch where we are constantly freezing eachother out and I don't know what to do?

My parents divorced when I was 9, and my childhood is filled with memories of drunk fights. He now lives away and comes up every other weekend, but it's not enough. I have no close relatives as my mum has fallen out with a lot of them and the rest have passed away, so I'm basically on my own with this. I have a brother but he has a lot more freedom than I do even though I know he's dealt with this too.

When my mum is sober we are so close and I love her to pieces, she holds down a steady job and keeps me in good health. I do know she loves and cares about me, but when she's drunk it's like she's a different person somehow, almost as if she has two personalities?! Her entire face changes, as well as her voice and her mood. Sometimes she's fine, other times she's argumentative and nasty, and her words cut like knives. It puts me through a lot of emotional abuse and stress. She does things like spit in my face, throw things, screams insults, and the occasional slap.I cant invite friends over as she embarrases me when drunk. I worry about her health as she drinks atleast one bottle of wine per night, and it only goes up from there. Sometimes it starts in the afternoon. I try and talk to her about it but she denies she has a problem at all, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember blowing up at me for the stupidest reasons the night before as she then makes comments when sober about "my temper" when I know it was her fault, I'm not an angry person.

I need to know that this is a drinking problem and I'm not just being overly paranoid?? I don't know what to do, it's bringing me down and people have noticed. She'll only get angry if I try and talk to her about it but I fear she's on her way to a serious health problem.