Can anyone share the early signs of their parents alcoholism?


Recently (maybe the last 8 months) my dad drinks wine when he comes home from work. He used to only drink on weekends, and then then he started drinking on thursday night as well. Now he drinks wine every single evening when he comes home from work. Now mind you, he doesn't get drunk as far as I can tell. But he does begin his evening as soon as he gets home from work with a glass of wine, and he refills the wine glass throughout the evening until he goes to bed. The reason why I am beginning to become more concerned now is because I've noticed that he's usually in a bad mood all of the time. He used to be a very happy and positive person for the most part. But now he seems a lot more negative and irritable. Since this is not like him and this 'bad mood' has been going on for the last two months - ish, I am now becoming concerned.

If you have experience with an alcoholic parent, is this what the beginning looks like? What should I expect next? And if so, How long did you wait before approaching your parent about it?