Hitting rock bottom

Hi my names Katie and in 16 years old, im just new to this whole thing. I just feel as though i need a good rant and to get a lot of my chest. My mother is an alcoholic and has been ever since i can remember, but im at the point now where im in my second last year at school and im finding it really hard. I feel with everything going on at home i sort of just cant forget about it and take it all to school with me and end up getting myself in trouble etc... im at the point nw though that im sick and fed up of my mum and what shes doing and i really dont know how much more of it i can take without it totally affecting my school life as well as my personal life. i can now feel the hatred growing between me and my mum and i find myself trying to avoid her as much as possible.

i just dont know what to do anymore as i find it really hard to open up to people about my problems especially my other family members, and help or advide would be greatly appreciated but i honestly just feel better from having a rant.

Katie :)