Struggling to hear good things about my Dad now he has died.

My Dad has just passed away, on the 26th Feb, however we did not find until a week later. We have now been left with a whooping funeral bill and we have given back his keys to his council flat which was in a horrific condition. I'm struggling with the prospect of people approaching me at the funeral and telling me how brilliant he was. I have written a poem to express my thoughts, the Reverend came to our home today and I showed it him and he thought it should be shared at the funeral. Please don't judge me, but these are my feelings.....

Just one more

What I would give for just one more,

One more walk on a beach, One more trip to the park, One more weekend spent together, One more adventure in any weather.

One more photograph, One more kick of a ball, One more story to be shared, One more tale so tall.

One more walk to the offie, Oh how I wished you'd just drink coffee, One more afternoon in the pub, I just wanted a bit of love.

Just one more you used to say, I hoped your demons would go away, Just one more then we will be on our way, "I'm ok" you used to say.

Your demons came and took you away, Every night I would lie and pray, Please help my Dad, please give him peace, if not on this earth, just take him please.

So now your gone, and I hope you are at ease, we are left with feelings we can't appease... But we carry on, as we have before, forgiving you again, just once more....