school struggles

Hi, im 16 and my mother is and has been an alcoholic ever since i can remember, however im now in my second last year at school and coming up to my exams in the next few weeks, but recently i feel with everything going on at home as me and my mum dont get on because of her drinking and all we do when we talk is fight and argue and my dad is totally clueless and just thinks he knows how i feel but really doesn't have a clue and does nothing to help my mums drinking situation or that, i just feel that im failing at school and its just becoming a waste of time. As im just always in trouble spending my time with depute teachers etc... and being told i have an aggressive attitude and things like that when really i dont mean how i respond to teachers (i feel it may be because im constantly arguing with my mum, thats just how im talking to teachers) but no one at school knows about my mums drinking so i guess they dont understand why im coming across this way but i just dont feel comfortable or dont know how to tell anybody as its just sort of a random topic to come up with. Although i now feel with only a few weeks till my exams that im really struggling and dont feel ready for them and i feel as though i have just messed my school years up and i know i could have done so much better.

but i dont know just struggling just now, thanks for reading though!!