Hello: parent now sober for over 4 years

Hi there,

I just quickly wanted to introduce myself and express my gratitude to the hosts of this website, and all the positive forum users here too.

Following a recent counselling session with a new therapist, I now realise that my childhood was not normal. I went to her to address anxiety/depression issues and left with the revelation that my alcoholic mother damaged me. Hopefully not beyond repair- looking forward to working on that before I lose another close relationship!

I also wanted to share that there is light at the end of the tunnel for some: my Mum is now sober for over 4 years with the help of the Fellowship (Al Anon).

Thinking about attending a support group meeting and see if that's any help (if it works for my Mum...)

Looking forward to reading the other stories and backgrounds on here and hopefully helping by lending a listening ear.