Don't know what to do anymore

My dad has always drank but he has always been a functioning alcoholic. Now it has suddenly gotten so much worse and he is totally unrecognisable. He hasnt been to work in over a month, has a physical reaction to food (gagging/wretching), just seems so scared and confused all the time, so many other things and as opposed to just drinking in the evenings he now drinks around the clock. I've done so much to try and help, got him to see doctors and admitted to hospital to detox but he discharged himself and I can see he doesn't even understand how bad his problem is. He is also convinced he can stop drinking on his own and sees getting medical help as "weak", but of course he wont stop drinking without any help. I'm now in my final year of university, thought I was going to graduate with a first class degree but now everything seems to be crashing down around me as all I can do is worry about my dad and desperately try to help him but it's just making me so depressed and unable to cope with my own life when this is the most important time of my life so far. I just dont know what to do anymore.