Non-alcoholic Daughter of alcoholic Mum, I think I’ve messed up with my own kids

All I wanted to do was have the family I never had. Provide a safe and loving home. I’ve consciously avoided making the mistakes my mother made, but there are some traits I’ve bern left with that I didn’t realise I had until it was too late. Now I’m worried that I’ve created problems in my own children. Hyper vigilance, very sensitive to criticism, low self esteem, the inability to feel loved, I reckon these things have affected my own children without me realising. I suppose nobody is perfect. But two of my children seem to be afraid of feelings, if I touch them they ask me what the hell im doing because it’s not natural for them, we don’t say I love you. But I think they know I do, from my actions. Being the daughter of an alcoholic mother has knock on effects. Is it too late to change? I’ve sern s therapist whose mother was an alcoholic, but he’s a man. I think this is different.