feeling disappointed - my alcoholic dad


I hope you can read my story and give me any advice to help with my feelings. Especially if any of you can relate.

I am 13 years old when I was 6 my mum and dad split up and my dad moved out. At the age of 9 my mum sat me down and explained to me that my dad was in fact an alcoholic. I hadn’t seen my dad drink but whenever we were meant to see him, he would often cancel or let us down.

Mum and dad have always had a good relationship even after they split up. My dad is such a loving, affectionate, caring and kind person and I have never stopped loving him. My dad still lets me and my brother down quite often. My brother doesn’t know that my dad is an alcoholic.

It makes me feel so upset and disappointed when he cancels or lets us down. I don’t understand why he would drink if he had planned to see us, especially if he wanted to. I end up thinking that he doesn’t love us anymore or worry he might end up really poorly or worse.

I decided I needed to speak to my dad about my feelings and we had a really good talk, but he has still let me down a few times. Again, this makes me feels upset, disappointed and anxious.

Does anybody else or has anybody felt similar regarding their alcoholic parents. It would be nice to know I am not alone and to hear somebody else’s story, and the coping techniques they use. Thanks for reading.