Listened yesterday on Radio 2, very interesting to hear the listeners stories about parents with drink issues. My story is slightly different,my mum was a "secret" drinker this caused no end of rows & embarrassement. I realised this at roughly 15 yrs old my last yr at school. I would come home find mum asleep on the bed and wonder why,then it became apparent what she was doing. I would find bottles hidden in various places,pour them away and replace them.This caused no end of resentment,it was never talked about of discussed.I was ashamed that my mum was a drunk.

I would have to check her before brining a girlfriend home just in case she was Hammered,if she was this was very obvious,I became to hate her and her me for pouring her drink down the sink.

When she died very suddenly I didn't know whether to hug her or hit her,what a sorry state.I will never forget the times when she would attempt to be normal, but couldn't because she was so drunk.Dad never said or did anything. It is perhaps strange but I don't drink at all except if we go out for lunch,but that is rare,something perhaps saying don't drink? The memories are bitter and hard to forget even after so many yrs now.