finally found the strength to speak up

i already posted a blog called "my dad, the alcoholic" didnt see the just joined link

my dad gets me down so much today he started to drink at 10:45 and now he's sitting up the corner shouting whilst i sit here and type about this. he had been drinking like this for around 5 years more so in the last 3 however he has drank a fair amount for as long as i can remember!

every weekend i want to run away or hide every day at school i dread coming home

iv had cake pushed in my face laptops thrown at me been continiously poked really hard and been left with bruises been called names and been continuously picked on and many other various incidents! and this weekend i have been reduced to such tears i could hardly breathe!

this website was suggested to me by nocoa and really i am just looking for people who know how i feel or can begin to understand how it feels to live with a parent who has an addiction!

it took alot for me to decide to speak up but so far ive not regretted it i feel alone lost and scared like i should never trust anyone.

i will just add that right now my dad is crawling along the living room floor heaving and staring at me people who dont live with an addictive parent will never be able to understand this.

thankyou for your time taken to read this samii x