New here, this is my story

Hi, I have had to look after my Mum since I was 7yrs old because she is and alcoholic and has epilepsy and I have had to look after my brother, I have now moved out and am happy living with my Dad.But my mum is going out with this guy who has been in prison for drug use and beating his wife so badly that she was in hospital, I didn't like him in the first place because my mum had only just fallen out with his sister and he has just assaulted my friend by strangling her and punching her 2 times in the face and had to face crown court and pleaded "Not guilty" and now has to go to Majestrates Court which is much more serious.Now he and my mum have been cusing trouble around this estate, and I was wondering if there's anyone else out there anyone at all that has been through what I have that can comment (message has been moderated to keep post anonymous)