hi guys, well my dad's an alcoholic as well

hi guys, well my dad's an alcoholic as well, he drinks when the business isn't doing well and he buys cheap 1litre vodka bottles:( . . .he hides them in the most pathetic places, the dogfood container, behind books, EVERYWHERE he finds a place he hides it. we don't know where he gets the money from!! I can see its tearing my mom apart and it's killing me! i'm ashamed of my own dad, he acts so strange and abscent when he drinks, as if we talk alien! my mom is thinking bout divorce and told me i shouldn't blame her if she divorces him. . .i'm just afraid my dad will commit suicide if they divorce. My dad can get heavy upset and angry when my mom confronts him bout it! he doesnt want 2 admit he is addicted, pleas help!!! xxx